Scouting Team - Video Editing Service

Scouting Team offers a Video Editing Service to all Players, Agents and Clubs who need assistence in creating and producing professional videos.

Why does a professional football player need a video?

  • We live in a visual age and we are all constantly bombarded by images trying to sell us products and services. In the world of football the video has become a key selling tool and in this case the product is YOU.
  • The first contact with a club or scout often requires a video to be sent. Without this tool it is becoming almost impossible to present a player to a professional football club.
  • The Scouting Team Video Editing Service produces a video highlighting the best moments from your career to date. This means we only use the key actions from the material provided. With our experience we know what a professional football club is looking for and how to present a players characteristics and skills. If clubs are looking for a defender, then they want to see a defender defend.
  • This is a promotional tool and subsequently we only choose the moments which highlight your skills and attributes. We only want to produce a professional product and we will inform you if we do not think we have the right materials.
  • As has been said in many walks of life - first impressions count. In your case, the video is probably the first time a club or scout has seen you in action and with the professional editing services of Scouting Team we hope to make that impression count.
  • We attempt to offer competitive and affordable rates for all players. This is not an expense but rather an investment in your future.

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