Our Editing Service

Our team of professional video editors has many years of editing experience and has created over 100 individual video highlights for many professional footballers over the past few years.

The world is changing and with that so is the football scouting business. Time is money and club scouts are under pressure to justify costs and a professionally edited video allows a quick evaluation to be made before the expense of traveling to see a player or inviting him for a trial.

Scouting Team has consulted with top professional clubs across Europe and they are unanimous that this is a key tool for the future of all scouting. With our experience and consultation with clubs, we can design and edit your video to meet the requirements of football scouts, coaches, agents scouting for new talent. We understand that this is a competitive environment and we always try to add a bespoke and creative touch to our professionally edited videos.

You can view samples of our work on this website. Our computer workstations are utilizing the latest editing software technologies with full HD capabilities, but do remember that the quality of the final edited video depends on the material provided and can only be as good as the quality of the raw footage.